Terms and conditions


 The trailer must be sited on a flat and level hard standing base provided by the customer. If the trailer is to be sited in a building or a marquee, then adequate ventilation must be available to maintain an ambient temperature of no more than 35˚centigrade. 

Entering and Leaving the Trailer:

Step: Please mind the step when entering and leaving the trailer. If it gets wet, please wipe it down to prevent slipping. 

Door: The door must only be opened to allow access- leaving it open for a long period will cause large fluctuations in temperature, causing the unit to ice up and fail. Every door is fitted with an internal door latch to prevent anyone being trapped inside- please ensure that all users are shown where this is.

Power Supply:

The power supply requirement is a standard 13amp 3 pin socket or a 16 amp c‑form socket. The mains power socket must be no more than 75m from the unit (with a 16 amp cable). Toddy Chillers will supply all necessary electrical cables. Under no circumstances can other cabling be used. If using a generator, it must have a minimum output of 3Kva and not be allowed to run out of fuel. Please always ensure the correct fuel is used ‑ no liability will be taken for incorrect fuel usage.


Once your unit has been delivered, commissioned and the set temperature agreed, then you will need to monitor it on a regular basis (every three hours is ideal) to ensure that the temperature is maintained.  The unit is designed as a holding room and therefore contents entering the trailer must be at an appropriate temperature: for a chiller between +5˚C and +10˚C

Moving the trailer:

Please do not attempt to move or tow the trailer. They are fitted with anti-theft devices at the time of delivery. If you do need the trailer moved urgently please contact us.


Any refrigeration malfunction / damage / breakdown / misuse must be notified to Toddy Chillers immediately. We will always try to arrange technical back-up or provide a replacement trailer in the unlikely event of a breakdown. 


Contents to be stored must not only be at an appropriate temperature, but please also ensure that  containers are food safe and free from contamination.  It is also important not to stack contents in too tightly as this prevents air flow ‑ adequate ventilation helps to maintain the temperature. If you have shelving in your trailer, please note that each shelf holds up to  35kg evenly spaced weight per shelf and 175kg in total. Keep center aisle clear. 


All units and shelving are cleaned prior to delivery. Please ensure that it is left in a reasonable condition - it should be completely empty, shelving should be wiped down and the floor swept. If the unit is left in a dirty condition then a £50 cleaning charge may be made.

Loss or Damage:

Any loss of damage of these items will be charged for; keys £20, wheel-clamps £150, hitch locks £150, power leads £50, shelving units £300 per unit, strip curtains £125, 16amp to 13amp connector £20, fuel cans £30, fuel funnels £10, rear light lenses £50.






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